Key Glock is set on ensuring Young Dolph’s legacy lives on

On today’s (March 9) episode of the famed podcast “Big Facts,” DJ Scream, Big Bank, and Baby Jade sat down with PRE’s Key Glock. Baby Jade showed much appreciation to the independent rapper, as he is the first “Big Facts” guest to bring food for the whole team. The Memphis native let the crew in on his daily activities — professionally and personally. He offered his perspective on doing features with other artists, remaining independent, the importance of his family’s happiness, and streams of income outside of music. The late Young Dolph signed Key Glock to his Paper Route Empire label in 2017.

Born Markeyvius Cathey, Key Glock was raised in South Memphis by his grandmother and aunt after his mom was sentenced to serve 15 years between federal and state prisons when he was just 20 months old. The indie artist recalled the trajectory of his career skyrocketing upon his mother’s release around his senior year of high school. “This s**t be catching me by surprise. A n**ga really come from nothing, coming from the slums. You ain’t thinking these folks about to know your s**t word for word, screaming it louder than you,” the youthful rapper admitted. Key Glock is confident that his unique style and lingo are what sets him apart from other rappers in the industry. “I try my best to not be like the next person. Whatever you do, no matter what room you in, no matter who in the room, just be yourself. Don’t try to adapt to the n**gas. Be you,” Glock expressed. When DJ Scream inquired why he chooses to remain independent with all the work required, he responded, “It’s the Dolph way. Either way you do it, it’s still work. It’s just how much work you’re willing to do.”

Moreover, Key Glock’s music hosts very few features, if any at all. Dolph’s protégé explained to Big Bank that when his career first took off, he tried to connect for a few collaborations. However, when efforts from the other parties fell to the wayside, his attempts and interest in working with other artists evaporated. The “Big Facts” family was curious if there was anyone he’d be interested in recording with. Glock took his time to think about it before responding, “[There is] really nobody. It ain’t too hard for me to reach out and do it. It’s just me not wanting to.” There was a healthy debate on the expected turnaround time for a feature to be sent back from other artists. The inspiring Memphis creative believes that one month is an appropriate time frame with the consideration that people get busy and are focused on their own crafts. On the contrary, Baby Jade, Big Bank, and DJ Scream expressed that a week was more reasonable and respectful to the other artists’ projects.

Furthermore, aside from music, the young star shared that he has many other projects in the works. Having recently modeled for Esquire‘s “Five Fits With: Rapper Key Glock,” the songwriter looks forward to continuing in that realm and said he is also feeling the movie scene. The serial entrepreneur admitted he’s never thought of his dream role but briefly mentioned his preference for playing a Black superhero — something like a Black Spider-Man.

Although the “Big Facts” family respectfully avoided questions about Young Dolph, at the conclusion of the interview, Baby Jade broke the ice and inquired about what promises Key Glock made to himself and to Dolph after bearing such a difficult loss. “Everything I’m doing now, and what I’ma keep doing. I just got to make sure his name and his brand stay alive. It ain’t even about me,” he replied.

His highly anticipated follow-up project, Glockoma 2, was released in February 2023. If you enjoyed this week’s “Big Facts,” make sure you stay tuned in for new episodes every week. Also, don’t forget to watch the latest show here.

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