Kid Capri Announces He’s Cancer Free: ‘God is Great!’


Kid Capri has announced he is cancer-free following a private battle with the disease.

The 56-year-old took to his Instagram on Saturday to let fans know he was putting up a fight against cancer and beat it during the holiday season. According to Capri, he had two different surgeries but didn’t want to put his business out there. He did all this while also handling different projects for hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. 

“God is great! 3 days ago, I found out that I’m cancer free! Been dealing with it all year while I was doing everything I was doing for hip hop 50,” he said. “I had 2 surgeries and never said anything publicly about what I was going through, I’m not an attention whore, so I didn’t want to say anything, so that it didn’t look like i wanted pitty.”

He continued, “But now that it’s over, I figure I let my fans and friends know, I’m very happy, this year I did a lot, but come 2024, I’m getting even crazier than I did in 2023!! Thank you God!”

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