King Harris, T.I.’s Son, clashes with Druski Over ‘Stand On Business’ track


King Harris: A rising star in the hip-hop scene

In the tumultuous landscape of hip-hop, emerges King Harris, scion of the illustrious T.I. and the formidable Tameka “Tiny” Harris. He’s not just another offspring of rap royalty; his essence pulsates with the rhythms of the streets and the beats of his lineage. With a cameo on VH1’s reality spectacle, ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’, and an Instagram legion swelling to 850,000, King is no stranger to the limelight. Under the moniker Kid Saiyan, he’s etching his lyrical legacy onto the annals of hip-hop.

The controversy: ‘Stand On Business’ song

Enter the tempest: ‘Stand On Business’. A sonic grenade lobbed by 404hugo, detonating in the hearts of the disenchanted. This anthem, a clarion call for authenticity amidst a cacophony of pretense, encapsulates the zeitgeist of a generation grappling with duplicity.

“I gotta pull up on Druski. Let me show y’all something,” before turning the camera around to show a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “standing on business. King said”

“King then addressed Druski directly: “Druski was saying that all this shit ain’t happening. I’m just being real. I’m about to go pull up on Druski. I gotta go pull up on this n-gga talking how he’s standing on business in Atlanta filming a video.”

In the crucible of artistic expression, clashes are inevitable. King Harris, the torchbearer of unfiltered truth, squares off against the irreverent juggernaut, Druski. Sparks fly, as egos collide and rhetoric ignites. The threat to ‘pull up’ reverberates through the hip-hop cosmos, a challenge hurled amidst the chaos.

As the dust settles, King Harris stands unbowed, a colossus amidst the storm. His clash with Druski, a mere tremor in the seismic landscape of hip-hop. With each bar he spits and each note he drops, King forges his destiny, a scion carving his legacy amidst the clamor of the crowd.

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