Kodak Black Shows His Lawyer Love After Securing His Release From Prison


Kodak Black spent the first few weeks of 2024 in prison. That came after he was hit with some possession charges when police found him passed out in his car. Though the charges were eventually dropped by the judge, Kodak remained in police custody. But after a few weeks behind bars, he navigated through the legal system enough to secure his release. That wasn’t without the help of his lawyer though and the impact he had isn’t lost on Kodak. That’s why it’s no surprise that the rapper took to Instagram to shout out his legal advisor.

In a recent post to his story, Kodak shared a picture of the pair together. While it’s an older pic from May of last year, the timing of the post makes its intention clear. Underneath a repost of the picture fans react to Kodak’s lawyer once again coming in clutch for him. “His lawyer might be the goat no lie” one of the top comments on the post reads. “He got a gta lawyer fasho” another top comment reads. Check out the picture that Kodak shared of his lawyer below.

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Kodak Black Hypes Up His Lawyer

At one point it looked like Kodak’s new legal battles could bring back some old struggles the rapper dealt with. He was famously pardoned by Donald Trump during the former president’s time in office. But in the days following his most recent arrest the sentence that was pardoned was brought back up. It was suspected that if Kodak pleaded guilty to another charge he might have to also serve the original sentence that was pardoned.

Last year, Kodak dropped his new album When I Was Dead. Numerous songs on the project like “Lemme See” and “Hope You Know” have racked up millions of streams in the months since it came out. What do you think of Kodak Black showing his lawyer some love after securing his release from prison? Do you think Kodak will be able to stay out of legal trouble going forward? Let us know in the comment section below.

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