Kolkata: A Living Art Gallery Shaped by Graffiti

Kolkata: A Living Art Gallery Shaped by Graffiti

Graffiti, often dismissed as mere scribble on walls, has found a vibrant home in Kolkata, transforming the cultural landscape of the city into a living art gallery. The city’s longest graffiti street, captured in a popular video by ig_calcutta on Instagram, stands as a testament to this dynamic form of public art. With the video amassing millions of likes, it’s clear that the community’s appreciation for graffiti runs deep.

Unfolding the Canvas of Kolkata

The graffiti scene in Kolkata is not just flourishing; it is being celebrated. The Hindustan Park area, known for hosting the caravan.art.fashion exhibition, is now synonymous with the city’s artistic spirit. The graffiti street, adorned with colors and patterns by talented individuals, is a visual treat, eliciting widespread appreciation and pride among locals.

Art Rickshaw: Driving the Artistic Revolution

At the heart of this creative revolution is Art Rickshaw, an art school and gallery founded by Shailaja Rungta and her daughter Devanshi Rungta. More than just a space for artists, Art Rickshaw is an emblem of inclusivity and affordability in the arts. The school-gallery is a rallying point for artists, encouraging them to express their creativity without discrimination.

Festivals: Celebrating Art in Public Spaces

Kolkata’s commitment to integrating art into public spaces is further demonstrated by the Unicorn Street Arts Festival initiated by Devanshi in 2018 and the recent Street Art Festival of Kolkata, held on January 7. These vibrant events, featuring art installations, performances, and various stalls, attracted over 10,000 attendees. The festivals transformed community buildings and streets into vibrant canvases, reinforcing Kolkata’s image as a living art gallery.

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