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The new single by Ksenia, “It’s My Birthday,” challenges ageist stereotypes and stands out in a field that tends to glorify youth over experience. This track captures Ksenia’s boundless energy and her journey as an artist in all her forms; it is more than just music; it is a strong statement of self-love and an ode to getting older.

Based in Los Angeles, Russian-born singer-rapper-stand-up comedian Ksenia has been quickly rising to fame, amassing over 400k social media followers and millions of streams on major music platforms. A reflection of her artistic growth and dedication to empowering messages, her most recent single was co-written by Ksenia and produced by the legendary Mario Marchetti.

The infectious energy of 50 Cent’s legendary “In Da Club” permeates “It’s My Birthday,” while Ksenia’s characteristic empowering lyrics adorn the track. This song is a daring rebuke of ageism, especially in the entertainment industry. Ksenia playfully remarks, “I wanted to release a song for those girls in their late 20’s who think they’re officially too old for Leonardo DiCaprio.” Her characteristic blend of humor and insight is captivating.

The song has a powerful vocal performance by Ksenia and an infectious beat that everyone can’t help but dance to. “Still got it!” the lyrics read. An anthem for women of all ages, “Still the mother f****** life of the party!” resounds with audiences and encourages them to confidently embrace their journey.

Just as captivating as Ksenia’s music is her rise to fame. Her journey has been one of tenacity and perseverance, taking her from rocking Russian birthday parties and weddings to New York City stages. Ksenia defied cultural shifts and language obstacles to carve out a special place for herself in the cutthroat music industry.

Her artistic versatility and depth are showcased in her past and future collaborations with notable figures such as Gino Barletta, Melanie Fontana, Mario Marchetti, and others. A successful billboard campaign in Times Square, New York, followed her single “Fire with Fire” which peaked at #47 on the iTunes pop chart.

In addition to her many musical achievements, Ksenia’s foray into stand-up comedy has expanded her skill set. People all over the nation have been captivated by her comedy routines, which combine rap with observational humor in a unique way. The unique combination of comedy and music that Ksenia showcases during her performances brings a breath of fresh air to the sometimes repetitive pop scene.

The message that Ksenia keeps sending is loud and clear: age is nothing more than a number, and genuine talent has no limits. Beyond being just a song, “It’s My Birthday” has the power to inspire people of all ages to celebrate themselves.

Ksenia’s story exemplifies the American dream in action, showing that with optimism, skill, and perseverance, one can achieve their dreams. Rather than being a fleeting single, “It’s My Birthday” will serve as an anthem for all women everywhere, encouraging them to let loose, laugh, and live life to the fullest without fear of judgment.

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