Latto & Cardi B Go Platinum With “Put It On Da Floor Again”

Latto and Cardi B‘s 2023 summer banger “Put It On Da Floor Again” has gone platinum, according to Complex. Released in June 2023, the track was a Cardi-infused remix of Latto’s April hit. While the original track only peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard Bubbling Under chart, the addition of Cardi saw the remix peak at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, the remix was widely praised by critics. “Cardi matches and then exceeds Latto’s energy. Once again, Cardi is endlessly quotable,” Tom Breihan of Stereogum wrote.

Furthermore, the high-energy video was full of brief cameos as Cardi and Latto twerked and flexed across a variety of retail outlets. Offset and BabyDrill both made an appearance, as did LSU’s Angel Reese. Additionally, Cardi name-dropping the 2023 NCAA National Champions led the school to invite her to campus.

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Latto’s Belly Reference In “Sunday Service” Music Video Debated By Fans


Meanwhile, another of Latto’s tracks has a music video that is being hotly debated by fans. Latto appears bathed in neon blue light with glowing iridescent irises during a brief segment of the “Sunday Service” music video. The shot pays homage to a similar one in 1998’s Belly. While it is a striking shot, not everyone online is impressed. Some fans argued that Latto shouldn’t be praised for a reference that has been done countless times before. For example, JT had previously made the same reference to much less acclaim. Meanwhile, other fans argued that Latto was too light-skinned to make full use of the effect as seen in the original film.

However, of course, her diehard fanbase was there to defend the impressive shot. Along with calling it “iconic”, they argued that no one person has a monopoly on film references. Furthermore, something as iconic as Belly is going to receive countless homages, especially in hip-hop culture. Things inevitably got heated online over the issue. How do you feel about the reference? Let us know in the comments.

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