LG OLED and Shepard Fairey present digital art at Frieze Los Angeles

Electronics brand LG OLED has collaborated with American street artist Shepard Fairey to exhibit digital versions of his artworks in this exclusive video produced by Dezeen.

Called Peace and Justice, the installation is being presented at Frieze art fair in Los Angeles and features select works by Fairey that address global issues while advocating for positive change.

Dezeen has produced an exclusive video for LG OLED

Fairey was directly involved in the design of the installation space, which features a reimagined version of his 2018 piece Damaged Wrong Path Mural.

Other works presented at the exhibition include Fairey’s 2023 Swan Song print, a reflection on the state of the environment, as well as a piece titled Make Art Not War, echoing the 1960s anti-war slogan “make love, not war.”

LG OLED Art and Shepard Fairey exhibit at Frieze Los Angeles
The video explores artworks reimagined by Shepard Fairey for Frieze Los Angeles

Fairey is the founder of OBEY Clothing and is widely known for his Hope portrait of Barack Obama – which was widely circulated during the 2008 US presidential election campaign – as well as a series of posters called We the People that were released the day before the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017.

The LG OLED Art initiative invites artists to exhibit digital versions of their works using LG OLED TVs.

Shepard Fairey's Damaged Wrong Path Mural at Frieze
The exhibit includes Fairey’s Damaged Wrong Path Mural with added digital elements

Each pixel in the OLED TVs emits its own light and can be controlled individually, creating an emissive display that was designed to produce accurate colour reproduction.

The LG OLED TVs currently on show at Frieze Los Angeles aim to accurately express the prominent red tones in Fairey’s artwork.

Shepard Fairey and LG OLED digital art
The LG OLED Art installation is on display at Frieze Los Angeles until 3 March

LG OLED Art has collaborated with over 27 artists from around the world, including Anish Kapoor, Barry X Ball, Damien Hirst, the late Kim Whanki and Kevin McCoy.

The photography is by LG Electronics.

Frieze Los Angeles takes place from 29 February to 3 March 2024 at Santa Monica Airport. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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