Local artists show off work on Dickson Street art installation


Local artists are proud their work is featured in the new art installation in Fayetteville.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A new art attraction is helping to beautify the City of Fayetteville while helping local artists share their work.

The West Avenue parking deck off Dickson Street, which opened just months ago, now has a digital art installation dubbed “Canvas of Light” for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season. 

“Needless to say, when I got the notification that I was one of the selected artists, I was thrilled, I was like, neighbors probably heard it down the street,” expressed Mellissa Milton, one of the seven selected artists to have their work displayed in the digital installation.

Milton said her art keeps her going as she battles with neurological health.

“I was bedridden for five years, essentially. And I was bored. And I began painting as an outlet, because you can only stare at the ceiling so long. You can only watch so much TV,” Milton said.

Now her piece “Star Skipper” is displayed for all of Fayetteville to see as a testament to her strength.

“I love it when people tell me my artwork evoke certain feelings, because I feel certain feelings that I’m expressing an art. So, it makes me happy when they that that gets communicated to them,” Milton said.

Jason Jones, another local artist in the installment, also creates art for his health. As someone with dyslexia, Jones said he understands visual creativity much easier.

“It was such an important part of my mental health, that I do something creative, and that’s fulfilling to me. I just decided, despite not making a lot of money, that I was going to do it just for myself,” Jones said.

Jones said it’s important for art to be shared with the public so more people can find healing in it as well. He says Canvas of Light does it in a unique way.

“It just almost feels like art gets only enjoyed by people that can afford it. So when it’s in public like that, and especially how it’s kind of rotating, it makes it accessible for all. I really liked that,” Jones said.

Canvas of Lights will be on display until January 2nd. Make sure to check it out as the sun goes down starting at 5:15 p.m. to see the murals light up the wall.

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