Local graffiti artist’s talent recognised in Indonesia

Local street artist N3rd1nk (‘nerd ink’) became the first Bruneian to have his work featured on Diton King, an Indonesian spray paint brand made for graffiti.

Known for his versatility, N3rd1nk’s repertoire spans a variety of themes with the use of social commentary and personal expression.

“I am extremely honoured and proud of my collaboration with the spray paint brand. Alhamdulillah, this is my greatest achievement,” he said, adding: “New achievement unlocked!”

N3rd1nk, in an interview with the Weekend Bulletin, also mused on the rise of the local graffiti scene: “Looking back to the late 90s and early 2000s, graffiti artists had to do their ‘work’ under the cover of darkness.”

The artist said this is no longer the case, and with rising mainstream acceptance, he hopes to see more local artists venture into street art and rise to the same level as their global peers. – Izah Azahari

N3rd1nk shows off the spray paint can with his art. PHOTO: GUERILLA ARTCHITECTS

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