‘Look at the Times’ showcases a vibrant fusion of artistic expression


KUWAIT: “Look at the Times,” a collaborative event orchestrated by Public Frog Productions and 1day Creative Studios, showcased a vibrant fusion of artistic expression. Beyond the mesmerizing graffiti displays, the gathering featured a diverse array of musicians, visual artists, and movement performers, with each artist bringing their unique perspective to the forefront.

Speaking to Kuwait Times, Areej Saleh, founder of “Art Scene” and creative director, said the event featured a dynamic ensemble of talent. It boasted the participation of 12 graffiti artists, two musicians, a skilled DJ, two visionary visual artists, and a duo of captivating movement artists. She said that the talented young people are local, independent artists who have been vital to the creative community for years, and are coming together to create an all-day art, music and movement jam.

She said the theme of the event was “Where have you been?”, shedding light on the idea that we have buried artistic and musical expression into the childhood versions of ourselves and forgotten them as time went on.

“Where have you been, where did the person who loved to paint on walls, dance, skate go? Where have you been?” she said. “The event’s goal is to remember! As artists who have been in the community for a long time, arts and expressions are as important as all the other things broader society has told us to worry and focus on.

“That is just as important as our jobs, our families, and our everyday lives, so is creativity, so is connection, and so is the expression of who we are deep inside. It’s to showcase to younger folks that they don’t necessarily have to choose to bury their artistic leanings but use them to navigate their lives and connect with other people,” she added.

Mohammad Ahmed, Partner & Programs Director at “Art Scene”, said the event was an all-day art show, exploring nostalgia and the expression of Kuwait’s urban culture. The event started with a graffiti jam from 12-4 pm, where artists finished up their masterpieces that they have been working on this past week.

“After that, a skate session, where the best skateboarders in Kuwait set up a skate line where folks watched, cheered, and tried their hand at kickflips and ollies. Then, ‘The Get Down’ — a celebration of movement in an old-school dance cipher, where freestylers jammed with the amazing DJ Bonita with old-school hip-hop favs, to show off their moves and compete to be ‘Best of the Cypher’. After that, the ‘Basement Show’ — a performance from two great Kuwaiti acts in a standing-room-only set, where people jammed along to live, original music.”

Regarding choosing Kuwait Times as the event’s location, he pointed out that Kuwait Times has been a long-standing supporter of graffiti and the art scene in Kuwait. “Jana Alnaqeeb, Public Relations and CSR Manager at Kuwait Times, happily invited us to create beautiful things in the space, and we have never been more excited. We are so grateful for the opportunity to do this,” he said.

From the rhythmic beats of live music to the captivating movements of dancers, the event served as a celebration of the multifaceted nature of contemporary artistry, leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance.

Public Frog (PF) is an artist and event management company that was born out of the need for support for independent artists in the spaces they are being asked to showcase their work. Whether musicians, visual artists, performers, or literary figures, Public Frog aims to help creatives bring their creative careers to fruition by building bridges between them and their audiences.

PF believes that creatives are the foundation of a harmonious society, where members have the freedom to express their authentic experiences. 1day is a hybrid creative studio and a talent management company that works with movement, street art, music, creative direction, and concept creation. 1day is the result of two locally bred artists, DOSS and STAN, combining their experiences and longing to raise community and artistic standards of the region.

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