Ludacris Gives Gucci Mane His Flowers

Ludacris has taken time to give major credit to a fellow Atlanta rap legend: Gucci Mane.

Luda’s appearance on Drink Champs, which was released on Sunday (February 3), featured the rapper and actor singing Guwop’s praises, saying that Gucci was influential on what he called “street culture.”


The segment began when program co-host DJ EFN asked Luda to choose between Jeezy and Gucci. The “Move Bitch” rapper was reluctant at first.

“I fucking love both of these guys, man,” he said. “I’m talking about the history that they’ve made, what they’ve done for the goddamn culture.”


He eventually admitted that “on a personal level,” he would choose Jeezy “in terms of who I probably listen to more.” But he went on to talk about Gucci Mane’s legacy.

“For Gucci, I don’t think anyone has done for street culture what that motherfucker has done for street culture in Hip Hop, period,” Luda continued.

You can see the exchange below, beginning at the 40:55 mark.


Ludacris has not stinted on his praise for Jeezy lately.

In a video posted to Luda’s Instagram page late last month, the two rappers appeared to be backstage at an event in Houston, Texas. While Jeezy sipped on some red wine, Luda proceeded to give him his flowers.


“I tell n-ggas all the time, one of my favorite lines in Hip Hop period,” Luda says to the camera, before rapping: “Minus the bullshit life’s great/ Just put a camera on the peach in my license plate.” The lyric is from Jeezy’s “Get Ya Mind Right.”

Ludacris then pans the camera to reveal Jeezy with his wine. “I called this n-gga right here and said: ‘I love that line.’”

Latto, Ludacris & DJ Khaled Step In As New Hosts Of 'Rhythm & Flow' Season 2

Latto, Ludacris & DJ Khaled Step In As New Hosts Of ‘Rhythm & Flow’ Season 2

He added: “I’m a Jeezy fan. I’m letting y’all know that shit right fucking now.”

Last month, it was revealed that Ludacris will be getting his own series on BET that will be inspired by his DJ beginnings. The currently untitled project is set to be a 30-minute dramedy based on Luda’s early career as DJ Chris Lova Lova in Atlanta.


According to the network, “the series follows the misadventures of a sharply drawn ensemble who are willing to do anything and everything to bolster ratings at their hip hop radio station.”

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