Meek Mill condemns Grammy Awards over Rod Wave snub, Lil Durk win and Killer Mike’s arrest


In a fiery Twitter tirade, Meek Mill, the acclaimed “Dreams & Nightmares” MC, has taken aim at the Recording Academy, lambasting their recent decisions surrounding the Grammy Awards. The rapper’s frustration centers on two key issues: the arrest of fellow artist Killer Mike and the apparent snub of rising star Rod Wave. Let’s dive into the controversy and unpack Meek Mill’s scathing critique.

Killer Mike, the Atlanta-based rapper and activist, secured three Grammy wins for his album “Michael.” However, his celebratory moment was marred by an unexpected turn of events. Shortly after receiving his accolades, Killer Mike found himself in handcuffs inside the Los Angeles arena. Meek Mill wasted no time expressing his dismay, tweeting:

“I don’t f**k with the Grammys… We always have big Grammy parties, rubbing shoulders with heavyweights in the industry. “

Meek Mill’s pointed criticism raises questions about the decision-making process behind Grammy awards, especially when it comes to recognizing Black artists.

Rod Wave, despite carving out a successful career, has yet to receive a single Grammy nomination. Meek Mill championed the young artist, emphasizing his achievements:

“Was Rod Wave nominated for a Grammy? Because he’s not signed to a bunch of lawyers to steal his brand.”

The Philly native’s frustration underscores the need for fair recognition within the music industry. Rod Wave’s talent deserves acknowledgment, regardless of legal entanglements.

Amidst the controversy, Meek Mill also celebrated Lil Durk’s victory. The rapper secured his first Grammy for “All My Life,” winning the Best Melodic Rap Performance category. Meek praised Durk’s resilience, acknowledging his long journey:

“Durk deserves every award he gets.”

Meek Mill’s candid remarks shed light on the complexities of Grammy recognition. As the music industry evolves, artists like Killer Mike, Rod Wave, and Lil Durk continue to shape the culture. The Grammys must reevaluate their timing and criteria to honor deserving talents fully.

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