Meek Mill & DJ Akademiks Get $1 Million Boxing Match Offer Amid Diddy Drama


In recent days, Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks have been wrapped up in a heated online feud surrounding rumors the former slept with Diddy. The speculation began when the Bad Boy Records founder was hit with yet another lawsuit on Monday, this time from male producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. Lil Rod accuses Diddy of groping him, making him watch pornographic content, and more.

He additionally claims that the mogul told him he slept with two fellow celebs, though their names were redacted in the suit. One of the individuals in question was said to hail from Philly and to have dated Nicki Minaj. This, of course, prompted speculation that it was Meek Mill. DJ Akademiks was among the first to point out the possibility, prompting Meek to fire back.

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Damon Feldman Puts Money On The Table

After throwing countless jabs on Twitter/X, Ak chatted about the incident during a livestream yesterday (February 29). He also documented cops, allegedly sent by the rapper, arriving at his house. Ultimately, he revealed that he wanted to settle things fair and square. “Meek, I just think, like… it’s Freak Mill! Like, you know what I mean? That n***a forearms is only good for the dildos he copping. He don’t got no hands, so let’s box! Why he don’t wanna box?” he asked.

Now, it looks as if there’s a real possibility of a celebrity boxing match sometime in the near future. During a recent chat with TMZ Hip Hop, boxing promoter Damon Feldman said he’s willing to offer the two rivals $1 million for a match. He even said he has a venue in Atlanta booked for May 18, as well as a trainer ready to work with Ak if he’s interested. What do you think of Damon Feldman claiming that he’s willing to offer Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks $1 million for a celebrity boxing match? Do you think they should go for it? Who would you bet on? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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