Meek Mill Trolls DJ Akademiks Over Podcast Offer, Ak Claps Back


Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks aren’t slowing down their beef at all. It seems like they will continue to flame each other online over literally anything. For example, you may remember that Ak offered the Philly MC a podcast deal. He had said that he wanted to enter that business. But in his latest clapback, Meek told the media personality that he’s a small fry, and that he shouldn’t bother. Clearly, this set something off in both of them. The result was some more lengthy and bitter Twitter rants on Sunday (March 17).

“I’m richer than everybody that deal with you lol,” Meek Mill told DJ Akademiks. “Not like a finance podcast deal thing lol I hang around all billionaires and I’m caked up. you streaming for your chair getting drunk. I’m changing laws and stopping major hood beefs and trying to uplift the culture! The hat you wear I might own I just don’t be saying nothing.” “Wait.. you’re stopping hood beefs … LMAOOO..” DJ Akademiks retorted to this message, and went on to call Meek out for his alleged hypocrisy. “N***a your freestyle 2 days ago u rapped ‘You n***as start spinning we spraying your car.. Turks and Caicos.. I got back and bought 3 new dracos.’ N***a you’re the biggest promoter of the s**t you claim you want to stop. You don’t reside in Philadelphia anymore.. you live in a high rise condo in Manhattan..

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Meek Mill & DJ Akademiks’ Most Recent Tweets At Each Other

“U drove to Philly at 2 AM to act like you were ‘spinning’ or ‘looking for opps‘. ran into nobody. ran 3 red lights getting outta there and drove back home,” DJ Akademiks told Meek Mill. “lol.. brother.. why did you do that? You Don’t think tweeting that you got a million put to to the side to wipe a street n***a family off the map is inciting street beef?? U dont think acting like ur driving around philly at 2 am w/ ur check engine light on ready to spin is inciting street beefs? You Don’t think you being a millionaire but taunting ppl who have no choice to be in the hood is fueling street beefs?

“U dont think blocking opportunities from upcoming rappers who have no outlet but drugs and violence is inciting street beefs?” he concluded. “You dont think tweeting you’re down to ‘DIE’ over a situation you reacted to poorly is inciting street beefs? U Don’t think saying You’ll pull up to n***as houses, piss on their steps and shoot music videos infront of their houses is inciting beefs? You can’t keep talking out both sides of your face. Activist or Killer. We’ve been wanting to know. Oh and I got screenshots incase you thought your post and delete was forgotten. Btw since you told the Governor on me. don’t you think he should know while u stand next to him talking prison reform. you keep rapping about Killing people and tweeting that you got a million dollar hits on ppl?” For more on DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill, come back to HNHH.

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