Meek Mill Willing To “Die” Over DJ Akademiks Beef, Ak Calls Him “Freak Mill”


Meek Mill isn’t done responding to new allegations of his proximity to Diddy in the latest sexual assault lawsuit against the Bad Boy mogul. What’s more is that the Dream Chasers MC still has one target in mind: DJ Akademiks, who kicked off speculation about an unnamed “Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj” in this legal filing. They traded shots on Twitter on Wednesday (February 28), and the scuffle continued the following day. Specifically, “Freak Mill” -– as Ak referred to him in this exchange -– threatened that he would “die” over this feud, taking this escalation and spat to a whole other level.

In my city we don’t do no talk,” Meek Mill tweeted, although he’s since deleted this long series of attacks as of writing this article. “You want the street n***as to die fr I can’t wait til that liquor hit your organs.” “N***a when you talk about Asking for my address online u talking about DEATH games,” Akademiks responded. “U must think u invincible. U dont talk about pullin up to street n***as homes cuz u aint on that wit em. So dont that be on that wit me.”

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DJ Akademiks’ Latest Tweet Against Meek Mill At Press Time

“I’ll die to shut you down,” Meek Mill clapped back. “Well noted. My address on google. u still tweeting,” DJ Akademiks replied. “N***a we over talking,” he continued. “U been threating and tweeting for 8 years. Say less. Cuz at this point we dont believe s**t u sayin. N***a cried over sitting 6 months in jail for popping a wheelie but u want me to believe he so gangsta he finna ask the whole internet for my address .. front his move bout what he finna do then do it. N***a please. Find someone to play with Freak Mill I promise u put no fear in my heart.”

“The governor called me and checked me I took it down after I explain to him this the guy that powered the biggest rap beefs that killed some of my friends playing undercover …..” Meek added. “new music out we off him!” “U still getting told what to do by old white men..” Ak retorted. “just stop cosplaying as a gangsta man. We respect the reform s**t u do u talking like u anything else is just laughable . And plus u stil ain’t address the n***a who sued u n said the s**t. N***a was just talking bout he finna ready to die bout his issue wit me now said some old white governor convinced him not to… not his family not his friends a white governor. embarrassing.” For more on Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks, stay up to date on HNHH.

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