Meet Bebo Shree, a hip-hop dancer who wants to collaborate with Les Twins

Bebo Shree is a hip-hop freestyler from Ranchi who started dancing when she was five years old.

Bebo Shree at Red Bull Dance Your Style 2024 East India Qualifiers

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Bebo Shree hopes to participate in a reality TV dance show to make her family’s dream come true. She’s won two international-level dance competitions and aims to keep growing so she can become the best version of herself.

Here she speaks about her dance journey, her goals in life, and much more.

  • Name: Neha Kumari

  • Age: 22

  • City: Ranchi

  • Dancer name: Bebo Shree

What does your dancer name mean?

It’s my nickname. My best friend’s name is Deboshree. So people started calling me Bebo Shree.

Are you part of any crew?

I’m part of two crews – Top Gang Crew and Gravity Crew.

Where do you usually practice?

I practice at home mostly and sometimes in a studio. I’ve practised at almost every studio in Ranchi.

Bebo Shree at Red Bull Dance Your Style 2024 East India Qualifiers

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Could you tell us about how you got started in dance and your journey so far?

I’ve loved dancing for as long as I can remember. In 2015, I attended a camp called PDC, organised by Golden Steppers Dance Academy. There were a lot of artists at the camp and their talent blew my mind. I decided to get out of Ranchi to learn more about dance. I came to Mumbai and joined Kings United in 2019. During the pandemic, I started learning about hip-hop freestyle and popping. In December 2021, I attended a workshop by Nepo and Addyction in Puri. Since then, I’ve been training by myself and working on my growth.

What is the main street dance style you practice? How or why did you get drawn to this style?

Hip-Hop freestyle

Aside from your main style, what other street dance styles do you practice?

I’ve learnt popping and I use it in my hip-hop. I’ve also learnt the basics of krumping and waacking.

Which is your favourite genre of music or favourite song to dance to?

I like listening to hip-hop, afro and Bollywood.

Who are the dancers from the local and international scene who have inspired you?

A lot of dancers from my hometown Ranchi have inspired me. One of them is Rahul Bhagat; he is the reason I learnt popping. Internationally, I love Les Twins.

What do you love most about street dance culture?

I love the rawness of street dance. It’s authentic and has a lot of soul.

What do you remember of your first-ever dance battle?

My first battle was in Ranchi in 2021. I wasn’t representing any particular style, but I made it to the top-16 of the competition.

Bebo Shree at Red Bull Dance Your Style 2024 East India Qualifiers

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What has been your greatest achievement in dance so far?

I’ve won two international-level dance competitions. First was Hip-Hop Himalaya in Sikkim where Loose Joint was the judge. Second was East Street Reloaded in Kolkata where C-Mack was the judge.

Is there any one stage, event, competition that will be a dream achieved if you perform there?

I want to perform on a reality TV show; not for me, but for my family. That would make them extremely happy. I also want to win at the biggest jams across the country; one of them being Bharat Jam.

Is there a particular goal or target you have set yourself in your dance career?

I want to become the best version of myself and be known as one of the best dancers in the world.

Any dancer across the world that you want to collaborate with?

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