Miami Art Week: Celebrating hip hop’s golden jubilee at Point Comfort Art Fair and Show in Overtown

MIAMI – In Historic Overtown, Hampton Art Lovers are hosting the Point Comfort Art Fair and Show during Miami Art Week, as part of the Art Of Black Miami program sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor Bureau, and Soul Basel 2023.

The theme for this segment of the show, where everything is available for purchase, is Be for the Culture/Before the Culture,” curated and founded by Christopher Norwood.

“We’re celebrating hip hop’s golden jubilee 50th anniversary the founding of hip hop and we’ve asked our artists to be inspired by what hip hop means to them,” Norwood said.

This vibrant series by Florida artist Chris Clark is both colorful and entertaining, with a focus on hair.

“He has this way in which he really likes to focus on little kids with dreads”, he said.

Another piece, by South Florida artist and architect  Brandon Clark goes straight to the lyrics. 

“This is a very famous hip hop lyric by the great Biggie Smalls, Christopher Wallace.’It was all a dream,’

It’s a very classic rap album.

So what Brandon did was he encapsulated many of the lyrics of that inside of this piece,” said Norwood.

In one section, local DJ Fly Guy presents photographs of other famous hip-hop DJs, while across the aisle, George Clinton, a pioneer of funk music, showcases a series of paintings for sale

“He’s one of the most sampled artists in hip hop, you know, and so he is also a painter and we’re happy to be showcasing some of his work.” 

Christopher guides us through a historic collection inside the Historic Ward Rooming House, presenting a not-for-sale exhibit titled “For the People: 700 the Arts,” featuring African-American art from the Miami-Dade Public Library collection.

“And so it has an incredible art collection and particularly as a very strong collection of African American original Art,”  Norwood explained.

The exhibit is filled with works by recognized black artists in history.

“This is actually a print done by the Great Jacob Lawrence.”

And it’s a series of prints that tell the story and life of Toussaint L’Ouverture.

He did an original group of paintings detailing this the life of this great  founder of the Haitian Republic.”

Piece after piece in this exhibit has a connection to the community in black arts culture, and Christopher credits the Miami-Dade Public Library for making it accessible to all.

“These are not just random things that they picked up at Walmart like these are actually real works of art.”

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