Mourad Merzouki’s ‘Zéphyr’: A Dance Spectacle in Montpellier


Immerse in a Dance Spectacle: Mourad Merzouki’s ‘Zéphyr’ Debuts in Montpellier


In the heart of Montpellier, from February 13 to February 16, 2024, Mourad Merzouki’s exhilarating creation ‘Zéphyr’ takes center stage at Le Corum, presented by MONTPELLIER DANSE. Ticket prices begin at 45.50 €, and seat reservations are strongly encouraged. For practical information, rates, ticketing, and the seating plan, visit the event’s webpage.

Merzouki’s Thrilling Dance Voyage

Mourad Merzouki embarks on an artistic journey of freedom and lightness in ‘Zéphyr,’ a dance production inspired by the adventurous Vendée Globe race. Merzouki masterfully blends hip-hop dance with the theme of wind and sea, creating a captivating fusion of dance genres that pays homage to nature’s enduring power.


A Cultural Medley: Four Must-See Events in Montpellier

Montpellier’s rich cultural landscape offers diverse performances, including ‘Zéphyr.’ Until February 18th, the city plays host to four remarkable events that cater to a wide range of interests.

1. ‘Zéphyr’ by Mourad Merzouki


Merzouki’s ‘Zéphyr’ showcases hip-hop dance at its finest, combining the energy and passion of urban dance with the awe-inspiring theme of the sea and wind. This groundbreaking production invites audiences to revel in the power and freedom of dance.

2. The Australian Pink Floyd Show

For fans of Pink Floyd, the iconic rock band’s legacy comes alive at the Zénith. The Australian Pink Floyd Show delivers a mesmerizing performance complemented by stunning lights and videos, transporting audiences back to the golden age of progressive rock.


3. ‘The Flea in the Ear’ by Comédie-Française

Georges Feydeau’s hilarious play, ‘The Flea in the Ear,’ is brought to life by the esteemed Comédie-Française at the Opéra Comédie. Known for its slamming doors and cheating husbands, this classic French farce is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

4. ‘Casse-Noisette’ by Budapest Academic Ballet


Tchaikovsky’s timeless ballet, ‘Casse-Noisette,’ graces the stage at the Corum, courtesy of the Budapest Academic Ballet. This cherished holiday classic transcends generations, captivating audiences with its enchanting tale of love, magic, and a young girl’s dreams coming to life.

Experience Montpellier’s Diverse Cultural Tapestry

With such an array of performances on offer, Montpellier showcases its vibrant cultural scene and solidifies its reputation as a hub for the arts. Audiences are invited to indulge in these captivating events, each contributing to the city’s unique artistic tapestry.

From the contemporary hip-hop dance of ‘Zéphyr’ to the classic charm of ‘Casse-Noisette,’ Montpellier’s diverse lineup promises a truly unforgettable experience for all who attend. Don’t miss your chance to witness these outstanding performances firsthand.

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