Mysterious artist Banksy may be forced to reveal his identity


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A lawsuit filed in Britain may force mysterious street artist Banksy to reveal his true identity.

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Two art collectors are suing Pest Control, the graffiti artist’s company, for breach of contract over the authenticity of a piece of work.

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The collectors say the print, from a limited edition of 150 signed pieces, was acquired in 2020 for 30,000 pounds ($52,000) from the estate of a Banksy collector who recently died.

The artwork didn’t have any paperwork that would confirm its collecting history, so Katz and Howse sent it to Pest Control for authentication.

They estimate the artwork is now worth between 55,000 and 70,000 pounds ($95,000 and $121,000).


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However, their patience has run out.

“We’re in no man’s land, and it’s a lot of money.” Katz, 65, told The Guardian. “They claim to be the official validators of this artist’s work. But this has been going on for three years. They’re just sitting on the fence – they won’t say whether it’s right or wrong. We have had our tails pulled for the whole three years.”

Katz said Pest Control was paid 50 pounds ($86) to validate the print and the company had plenty of time to confirm it is authentic.

“I am very disappointed with Banksy,” Katz added. “He has made it impossible for anyone to validate a piece of his work without his certificate. That affects the value of his work dramatically.”

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