NBA YoungBoy Drags DJ Akademiks On His Burner Account


The long-running feud between NBA YoungBoy and DJ Akademiks has no end in sight, and even burner accounts on social media aren’t safe from it. Moreover, the former just posted a new Instagram video dissing the latter on his burner account, with a written message and a spoken one. Specifically, the Baton Rouge rapper wanted to clown the media personality for always speaking on him and posting him on his pages despite their current beef. Not only that, but he also pointed out that Ak is kicking him while he’s down during house arrest in Utah, and that he doesn’t even bother him most of the time.

“@akademiks stick to your word p***y I can’t lose,” YoungBoy wrote as his video’s caption. “You can’t kick a motherf***er while he down. Leave me alone until I bother one of you b***hes.” “You a b***h,” he continued against DJ Akademiks in the video itself. “Eat my d**k. You said you wasn’t gonna post me. B***h a** n***a, he ain’t never stop posting me. You in love with the slime! And I learned– I been wanting it with you. Everybody gon’ forever talk about me. B***h, you a junk and broke, f**k you!”

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YoungBoy Pops Off On DJ Akademiks: Watch

Furthermore, the last time these two really went against each other was when YB was in a sales battle with Lil Durk, and you know where the former Everyday Struggle host sided. “This p***y a** n***a Akademiks,” YoungBoy ranted on IG Live back in May. “Actin’ like I give a f**k about numbers. B***h, I just dropped two weeks ago. This p***y n***a finna drop. B***h, I ain’t worried about no numbers, n***a. B***h a** n***a, big bank take lil’ bank. Your stup*d drink face a**. That’s all you like to do, b***h, is get drunk and talk s**t. That one gon’ get you f***ed up.”

Meanwhile, this adds to the 24-year-old’s recent press run, such as with Gillie and Wallo on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. That was much less combative than this instance, but it is just a burner account after all. We’ll see how much longer this beef lasts and if there will ever be a reconciliation. For more news and the latest updates on DJ Akademiks and NBA YoungBoy, stick around on HNHH.

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