NEKST Forever on 9th Street

Top photo last week by Steven 

We noted on Thursday the arrival of plywood over the entrance to the closed Little Man Parking garage (also known as LaSalle Parking) on Ninth Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue. 
There’s no new development news, and the plywood is apparently here to keep people from squatting inside (thanks, Notorious!). 
Meanwhile, the first wheat-pastes showed up late Friday…

The backstory to this for anyone interested… last month, two graffiti artists filed a lawsuit against Guess for putting their tags directly onto a new line of “graffiti-inspired” clothing without consent. 

One of the parties to the lawsuit is Patrick Griffin, brother of Sean Griffin, brother of the artist Nekst, who “achieved a kind of remarkable underground ubiquity among followers of street art before he died in 2012,” per Hyperallergic, who first reported on the legal action.
Someone has now taken two classic Guess ads — with Claudia Schiffer and Ann Nicole Smith — and added images of the late graffiti artist with “NEKST Forever.” These wheat-paste tributes have been appearing around the city … and elsewhere. 
Macy’s, one of the many vendors in the lawsuit, reportedly pulled the product from their website, though the line is still available via various online merchants.
And given the short lifespan of wheat-paste ads, this one has likely already been covered.

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