New Banksy artwork taken down – just one hour after artist confirms it’s real


The artist confirmed the artwork was his in a social media post on Friday shortly after midday and within just an hour two men had torn it down and fled off into London with it

A piece of art created by Banksy has been stolen from a south London street – less than an hour after it was confirmed to be a genuine installation.

The infamous artist posted on social media, sharing images of the traffic stop sign covered in three aircrafts, confirming that it was his shortly after midday today. The stop sign was installed at the intersection of Southampton Way and Commercial Way in Peckham, south London.

However, within less than an hour two men broke the sign off and fled into London with it. They were pictured using bolt cutters to remove the sign and disappeared with it.

Balanced precariously on a Lime Bike, one of the two men attacked the back of the sign with bolt cutters before nearly falling off. It is understood Banksy was not behind the removal.

The street artist is known for his installations like the stop sign, erecting them in public before later claiming them. His works have been found across the world.

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