New town policy aims to crack down on vandalism in Renfrew

Renfrew’s Historic Caboose, which was the target of vandalism back in July of 2023

After being plagued by vandalism in 2023, Renfrew is putting it’s foot down.

Town council has approved a new corporate policy on graffiti management that lays out the difference between “graffiti art” and “graffiti vandalism” and provides town staff with a clear procedure for responding, documenting, and removing the latter.

However, Director of Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations Janet Collins says by-law officers will ultimately handle how to punish vandals who get caught in the act.

Collins explains that the process for removing graffiti from town-owned property will be fairly simple, but there is a provision that gives private property owners a say on the matter when it affects them.

The document also provides clear instructions on how by-law officers and town staff can involve local police in the most severe cases.

Fines and penalties for graffiti and vandalism are handled by the property standards by-law, which Collins says will be revised in the coming months.

(written by Kasey Egan)

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