NLE Choppa claps back at Yasiin Bey’s comments on Drake’s musical style as pop-oriented


In the realm of hip-hop, where opinions on artists and their contributions vary widely, a recent comment by Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, stirred up quite a debate.

The Brooklyn icon, in a Patreon-exclusive interview with The Cutting Room Floor, offered his perspective on Drake’s position within the hip-hop landscape. According to Bey, Drake falls into the category of “pop” music, likening his tunes to a shopping-friendly ambiance, particularly mentioning the scenario of hearing a Drake song at a Target store in Houston.

This characterization of Drake’s music as “pop” and seemingly aligned with consumer activities drew a swift response from NLE Choppa. The energetic rapper from Memphis took to Instagram, leaving a comment on an Akademiks post where he defended Drake vehemently.

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Choppa dismissed the criticism, emphasizing the richness of Drake’s musical catalog and likening him to the “Kool-Aid man,” suggesting a diverse range of musical flavors.

“”They hate on this man so much it’s ridiculous. Dude catalog more than respectable. He like the look aid man different flavors for each day of the month He don’t know what he talking about !””

– NLE Choppa

Yasiin Bey’s comments, while acknowledging the likability of Drake’s music, playfully explored the idea of music being suitable for commercial settings like shopping. The banter with the host included humorous references to the mall environment and the “new Drake” being heard there. Bey, however, introduced a more serious note by questioning the relevance of music tailored for commerce during what he referred to as the potential “collapse of empire.”

Choppa’s passionate defense of Drake reflects the ongoing discussions and disagreements within the hip-hop community regarding the genre’s evolution, commercialization, and the varying styles embraced by artists. The clash of opinions underscores the dynamic nature of hip-hop, where artists’ work often transcends traditional boundaries and sparks dialogues that reveal the diverse perspectives within the community.

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