NLE Choppa Screams At Kai Cenat During ‘Prison’ Livestream

NLE Choppa takes himself seriously even under unserious circumstances, and his recent appearance on Kai Cenat’s livestream has provided viewers with evidence of this.

On Friday (October 27), the pair collaborated on a prison roleplay that was broadcast to millions from what was once a fully operational correctional facility. Cenat and Choppa took on the roles of inmates sharing a cell.


The Tennessee MC fully immersed himself in the part, catching the streamer off-guard with his intense yet comedic performance.

“I ain’t no fucking hoe,” the 20-year-old rapper shouted during an improvised outburst. “Imma fuck him! I’m not gonna let him play with my booty — fuck no! Imma fuck him!”

Check out the footage below:

At another point in the livestream, the duo as well as other actors in the make-believe prison got together to sing Nicki Minaj and Drake’s 2010 blockbuster, “Moment 4 Life.” The song selection was particularly funny given Cenat’s recent Instagram Live conversation with Nicki, which many interpreted as tense.

The Queens MC has since cleared up any misconceptions that she has beef with the 21-year-old after ending their online video chat abruptly, leaving fans puzzled as to what exactly happened.

Kai Cenat Reacts To Believing GloRilla Blocked Him On Social Media Over Song Criticism

Kai Cenat Reacts To Believing GloRilla Blocked Him On Social Media Over Song Criticism

The chat went down earlier this week, with Kai and Funny Marco both joining her Live at different times. After the Twitch titan called her “auntie” multiple times, Nicki dropped him from the livestream but laughed while noting that people are going to think she did it on purpose.

Taking to her Instagram Story shortly afterward, she cleared up the confusion.


“The fact that some ppl still don’t understand me & Kai relationship chi,” she began. “We from the same county. We can both take it. Pauz. Or my relationship with funny Marco. Some pl be thinking Marco is a random crazy man on the live.”

Referencing her other relationships with hair stylist Tae, Akbar V, City Girls rapper JT, Funkmaster Flex and Joe Budden, she added: “Like that man is a star with his own brand. But y’all just peeped that they aggravate me just like Akbar do every time & yet I still add them to my lives. They get on my nerves how Tae be getting on my nerves. And JT. Flex. Joe.”

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