#OnTheStacks – Harlem Threads: Streetwear, Culture & Hip-Hop | Ep.191 Carlos Betances

This week in the blu door studio, Bill is joined by Carlos Betances, CEO of Jazrae Wear clothing line.

Born and raised in Harlem, Carlos fondly recalls the many times he and his late-brother were “chillin’ on the stoop,” in front of their home. It served as a meeting place for friends and family, a hangout before and after sporting events, and a place to just “chill.” In his own words, Carlos says, “it’s a New York thing,” and is the essence of Harlem and New York City. This culture is weaved into his clothing line, paying homage to his brother and the city the raised him.

In this episode, Bill and Carlos share stories of resilience, from the sting of loss to the sobering realization of who truly supports them when the chips are down.

Their conversation spans the transformative effects of evaluating life’s influences, setting boundaries, and the art of saying “no” — a recipe for valuing oneself, stitched together with the threads of personal anecdotes and entrepreneurial spirit.

Join #OnTheStacks in this deep conversation where vulnerability meets victory; where the loss of a loved one fuels the rebirth of a dream, and embracing change is the cornerstone of success.

Harlem Threads: Streetwear, Culture & Hip-Hop | Ep.191 Carlos Betances

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