Papoose Welcomes Cousin Home After 18-Year Prison Bid

Papoose has given his cousin a warm welcome home after he spent almost two decades behind bars.

In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday (January 16), the Brooklyn rapper and his crew could be seen weathering the snowy weather and scooping up his cousin, who also goes by the name Pap, upon his long-awaited release.


“Just picked my cousin up! He walked that 18 down. His freedom is well deserved!!! It’s only up from here,” Papoose captioned the celebratory footage. “Long live the family. Welcome home Pap!! Yeah it’s 2 of us! #Ripgrandma she names us both. ‘If you know you know!’”

Cousin Pap proclaimed in the video: “You thought n-ggas was gon’ fold?!” while wearing a big smile.


Following the warm embrace, the family stopped by a restaurant and shared a toast to the future.

“I’m happy for you. Welcome home, it’s up from here,” Papoose said in a follow-up video. “You already know.”


He added in his caption: “We came up rough!! We just don’t glorify it as much as y’all do. Because the goal is to turn a negative into a positive. Never to stay stuck!!! Elevation is in the plans.

“It’s only up from here!!! Today was a great day for us. Wanted to make sure we welcome him home correctly. Well deserved!!! God is the greatest.”

Papoose is known to carry the torch for his friends when they’re not around, and that’s certainly the case with the late DJ Kay Slay, who brought him into the rap game.

Fellow New York rap veteran Busta Rhymes recently saluted Pap for keeping Kay Slay’s memory alive following his passing in 2022.

Papoose Reflects On His 'Loyalty' In Drake 'Evil Ways' Freestyle

Papoose Reflects On His ‘Loyalty’ In Drake ‘Evil Ways’ Freestyle

“Papoose — one of the best fathers that I know, one of the best husbands that I know, one of the best friends that I know, one of the best storytellers that I know,” he said on stage at a private event on New Year’s Eve.

“Our brother Kay Slay, may he rest in peace. He discovered Papoose and he passed away, and Papoose continues to carry the torch for our good brother Kay Slay.”


Posting footage of Busta’s praise on Instagram, Papoose wrote: “At the very end of a private party Thursday night. My brothers @bustarhymes & @dingdongravers Asked me to spit a couple bars.

“When I first came in the game. @bustarhymes embraced me as a artist. When many others did not!!! He invited me on a record that changed my life!! Since then we became brothers.”

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