Pave Your Own Path with Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket in Rocket League

Why should graffiti be reserved for the road? In Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket, the Sovereign Krew brings street art from the road to the Arena. Bring a taste of the outside to your next match with street-ready Decals and Wheels!

Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket is live now ‘til January 25—pick up these new items in the Item Shop while Sovereign Krew’s running the show.


The “Krew Made” and “Krew Loyal” Decals—both animated in-game!


Aftermarket Decals and Wheels

It doesn’t hurt to rep the krew that’s on top. With most of the new Decals, put the “SK” initials atop your car, surrounded by a street art-inspired design only SK’s capable of. The Krew Supreme Octane Decal features bold intertwined strokes while the SK Life Fennec Decal wraps your car in unapologetically stylized emblems.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. The First Impression Breakout Decal is a canvas of different patterns—sure to make an impact. Don’t just break out with Breakout: the Sovereignteenth Dominus Decal is missing the “SK” initials… because it goes all out with the full “Sovereign Krew” moniker and a monster-like design.

Love the process of street art creation? The universal Krew Made Decal animates to show the making of classic Krew graffiti. Maybe you see potential in art beyond its completion—the universal Krew Loyal Decal waves like the surface of the sea. Keep keepin’ things in motion with the new Del Rey and X-Opps Wheels. 

Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket Mega Bundle (1800 Credits)


Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket Mega Bundle + Saffron Fennec (2200 Credits)


Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket Decal Bundle (1500 Credits)


 Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket Wheel Bundle (500 Credits)

  • Del Rey Wheels

  • X-Opps Wheels


Individual Items

Show your Krew loyalty with Cyclone or give your Octane the makings of a magnum opus. Along with Saffron Fennec, the universal Krew Loyal and Krew Made Decals will be available in the Item Shop individually:

  • January 10 – 14: Saffron Fennec Car Body (700 Credits)

  • January 18 – 22: Krew Loyal Decal (300 Credits)

  • January 22 – 26: Krew Made Decal (300 Credits)

The Krew reigns supreme now more than ever. Sovereign Krew: Aftermarket runs until January 25. 

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