Pete Rock Echoes Erick Sermon’s Discontent with Current State of Hip Hop

Pete Rock Echoes Erick Sermon’s Discontent with Current State of Hip Hop

Legendary Hip Hop producer Pete Rock has recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of Hip Hop culture, echoing the sentiments of Erick Sermon in a recent interview. Rock criticized the genre for losing its integrity and originality, suggesting that the excessive focus on financial gain has led to a degradation of the culture.

Pete Rock Voices Discontent

Through an Instagram post, Rock shared a clip of Sermon’s interview from the Say Word! Podcast. Sermon, the co-founder of EPMD, discussed his disappointment with the current direction of Hip Hop. He feels that the genre has stagnated and has become something unrecognizable compared to its past. According to Sermon, Hip Hop should no longer be termed as such due to its lack of evolution.

Recalling Hip Hop’s Evolution

Sermon reminisced about the progress Hip Hop made from the days of pioneers like Melle Mel to artists like Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, Murder Inc., DMX, Cam’ron, and Dipset. He contrasted this progress with today’s scene which he perceives as being ‘stuck’. However, he acknowledges the originality of some artists like Ludacris, Migos, and Soulja Boy, but emphasized that the genre as a whole is not advancing.

‘Chasing the Money’ Ruins Hip Hop

In addition to Rock’s critique, the Hip Hop scene is also experiencing controversy stirred by Uncle Murda’s ‘Rap Up 2023 Pt 2’. The song criticizes Diddy and others, accusing Diddy of not fulfilling financial obligations and questioning his involvement in Yung Miami’s award win. This saga, coupled with Rock’s critique, has created a buzz in the Hip Hop community, raising relevant questions about the direction of the genre and the influence of financial gain on its evolution.

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