Pioneering MC/DJ Eddie Cheba Has Died


Eddie Cheba, one of Hip-Hop’s earliest rapping DJ’s has died. Cheba had been experiencing some health issues, suffering a series of strokes last year. Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons stressed his importance in an IG post last year. “The absolute facts are as follows: if you couldn’t get DJ Hollywood, you got Cheba,” he posted.

“If you couldn’t get Cheba, you got Love Bug Starski (RIP). Again, this is actual facts. If you got all three, the number of tickets would skyrocket and you could also pay the bar guarantee. They were the rap STARS and the biggest money makers and draws.”

Simmons cites a 1977 viewing of Cheba performing at New York’s Charles Gallery as the event that inspired him to pursue a career in Hip-Hop. Cheba was one of a handful of artists to release a rap record in 1979 with “Lookin’ Good” on Treeline Records.

R.I.P. Eddie Cheba.

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