Pooh Shiesty Has ‘Loaded Up’ On New Music In Prison With ‘5-6 Albums’

Pooh Shiesty is looking to hit the ground running when he’s released from prison and he’s already got a lot of music ready for when he’s free.

Shiesty called in from behind bars to Million Dollaz Worth of Game last month where he revealed he’s “coming back for revenge” when he’s released with plenty of music on deck.


“You know I ain’t playing,” he said. “I at least gotta get me in a song a day. That’s the minimum. I stamp that. I ain’t gon’ lie. I got me like five to six albums loaded up. Them just albums.

“Ready. They in trouble. I’m telling you it ain’t no chip on my shoulder thing but I’m back for revenge for sure. Get out the way or get ran over. Get down or get put up. Y’all know how I’m coming.”


The Memphis rapper, who turned 24 on Wednesday (November 8), also touched on how being sober has impacted his creativity.

“We gotta speak on that, me being sober,” he said. “I was on everything, every drug, everything in pill form. Just completely sober me — my vision ain’t cloudy no more. I’m going toward my full potential. I can see, I can feel it.”

Watch the clip below:

In other parts of the 43-minute interview, Pooh Shiesty revealed that plenty of his rap peers have held him down like Lil Baby and Lil Durk during his time in prison.

“Rappers, for sure,” he began. “You got muthafuckas really sitting down and taking their time out to write, you know? Good men like Lil BabyDurk — he ain’t missing’ a beat.”

Pooh Shiesty Sends Message To Snitches In New Prison Update

Pooh Shiesty Sends Message To Snitches In New Prison Update

He continued: “Y’all familiar with Don Trip? He just wrote me a letter the other day. Just got a letter from him. There’s a lot of artists that keep my name alive in many different ways.”

Pooh Shiesty was sentenced to five years and three months in prison in April 2022 after pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges in connection with a shooting that took place in South Florida in October 2020.


He was originally facing eight years for allegedly shooting 28-year-old Brandon Cooper, but took a plea deal for a reduced sentence.

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