Pooh Shiesty Says Lil Baby, Lil Durk & Don Trip Held Him Down

Pooh Shiesty has found out who his true friend are simply by going to prison — and he revealed that only Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and Don Trip have “held him down” while he was behind bars.

The “Back in Blood” rapper phoned into the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast on Sunday (October 29), where he revealed that he only heard from three rappers during his sentence.


“Rappers, for sure,” he began. “You got motherfuckers really sitting down and taking their time out to write, you know? Good men like Lil Baby, Durk — he ain’t missing’ a beat. Y’all familiar with Don Trip? He just wrote me a letter the other day. Just got a letter from him. There’s a lot of artists that keep my name alive in many different ways.”

Check out the clip below.

Pooh Shiesty was sentenced to five years and three months in prison in April 2022 after pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges in connection with a shooting that took place in South Florida in October 2020.

He was originally facing eight years for allegedly shooting 28-year-old Brandon Cooper, but took a plea deal for a reduced sentence.


Although he’s behind bars, and has been since 2021, the 23-year-old told his fans he was making some serious money prior to being convicted, and that prison hasn’t slowed down his income.

Pooh Shiesty Ordered To Pay Restitution To Victims Of 2020 Shooting

Pooh Shiesty Ordered To Pay Restitution To Victims Of 2020 Shooting

In fact, he’ll even have some new sports cars waiting for him when he’s released.

The 1017 Records rapper took to Instagram from his cell on September 11 and bragged about being able to order a pair of new Ferraris through a jail call.


“Just orderd 2 ferrari’s off a jail call im real rich, make sure you make ha cover my name up before you keep the bitch #TheWaitIsOver #TheKingIsBack! #FreeTheBiggest,” he wrote.

The accompanying photo features Pooh Shiesty in a teal industrial uniform with a white thermal long sleeve underneath and a pair of watches. He is seen posing with a beard and braids in front of an illustration of the Statue of Liberty and an American flag.

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