Ralo Announces Prison Release In Two Weeks, Shares Emotional Message With Fans


Ralo has been behind bars for over a year on firearm, money laundering, and drug charges, something that will change very soon. Moreover, he took to Instagram to announce that he will be leaving jail in about two weeks, most likely to a halfway house to complete the other requirements of his eight-year sentence without serving the full time in prison. While this is good news, the rapper’s post was still pained. That’s because he reflected on his friendship with fallen rapper Marlo, sharing pictures and videos together. Furthermore, it demonstrates that these situations are not as mentally black-and-white as we may assume for those who face these circumstances.

“Assalamualaikum,” Ralo began his message. “Marlo told me not to worry. He was going to be the first person at the gate waiting on me when this s**t over. My release is in two weeks. I know life goes on, but this s**t ain’t da same as when we was passing this money around. We was all happy and helping each other. Nowadays, people doing they best to kick others down so they can stand above them. But the only way thats going to happen is if im in my grave with Marlo. I aint going for none strange… #MDC4L #ImHim #KingAkh #FreeRalo#LongLiveMarlo.”

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Ralo Shares Emotive Tribute To Marlo Ahead Of Jail Release: Read

Unfortunately for Ralo, not even his time in the pen could stop others from kicking him down. For example, he faced a lot of snitching accusations from other hip-hop figures while he was in prison, allegations that he denied various times. That’s definitely a common aspect of criminal cases in the genre, which are often hard to separate from the topics that these artists tackle in their work. Overall, this sadly won’t be the last case of this conflict we see, but hopefully people always prioritize freedom and accountability over clout or posturing.

Meanwhile, we’re sure that the 1017 Records signee is looking forward to enjoying his life outside of the slammer. Whether that’s family time, being with friends, further building up his music career, or any other endeavor, he definitely deserves that peace. We’ll see if any other developments emerge from here until the scheduled release. With that in mind, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Ralo.

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