Ralo Reveals He’s Spent $2M Since Prison Release

Ralo was released from his nearly six-year prison bid just two months ago, and he’s already spent a whopping $2 million.

The Atlanta rapper revealed the staggering amount in a Facebook post on Tuesday (January 9), while adding what likely contributed to a huge chunk of the money spent – he’d made good on his prior promise to buy everyone around him a luxury car.


“I spent 2 million dollars and I only been out 2 months,” he wrote with photos of new cars. “Keep watching, ima show you how to get out and do what’s right. I told yawl I was going to buy everybody around me Maybachs & Black Trucks and I’m standing on it… #KingAkh”

You can view the post below.

Ralo (real name Terrell Davis) was welcomed home by friends and family, who greeted him outside the penitentiary upon his release in early November.

The 28-year-old was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2022 after federal agents accused him of trafficking over $2million in marijuana back in 2018.


Ralo was release after being credited with time served; and a judge recommended one year with an ankle monitor once the halfway house approved his home address.

His incarceration was plagued by snitching allegations after he was pressed by one of his artists in May about cooperating with the government. But he explained that it was all a misunderstanding and stemmed from a prosecutor misconduct hearing.

Ralo Returns With New Song ‘First Day Out’ Following Prison Release

Ralo Returns With New Song ‘First Day Out’ Following Prison Release

“I hate to see us as people continue to kick one another down. Our government has been taking advantage of our weaknesses and using us against us,” Ralo wrote on Instagram. “We should know by now that we’re stronger together and every enemy has weaknesses. When there’s no loophole in a case, you gotta make a loophole. We must attack what they did wrong and focus less on our wrong. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!”

He continued: “Sometimes we have to read the entire book to know the truth behind the lies in the story. Know that everything isn’t always what it seems to be. I never told yawl one lie in my life and I swear by Allah I never cooperated with the federal government. Its not one human bein on Earth can say they in jail for RALO.”


A month after his release, Ralo took to Instagram to blast authorities for seizing his vehicles while vowing to have one of the biggest comebacks ever seen.

“The feds took my momma car, my girl car, all the gifted cars I gave the bro’s in the hood and every car I even had for myself,” he wrote alongside a photo of a newly-purchased Maybach. “Ima show the world how great I am, this the comeback for everybody that tried to turn me down.”


He continued: “I swear by Allah Ima buy everybody around me Ah Maybach or ah Cadillac truck. That’s how I’m coming #2024 is Ah #AkhYear GO WATCH (Ralo Chapter 33) #OutNow on YouTube #KingAkh #FamGoon.”

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