Rap Rivalry Rekindled: Rashid Kay Drops Diss Track Targeting Stogi…


In the ever-evolving landscape of South African hip hop, a new chapter unfolds as media personality Rashid Kay reignites an old feud with veteran rapper Stogie T through the release of a diss track titled ‘OG vs A Nigga That’s Old’. This musical confrontation digs deep into the heart of what it means to be an ‘Original Gangster’ (OG) in the industry, challenging Stogie T’s recent comments that painted Rashid as nothing more than an aged figure in the scene. The roots of their disagreement stretch back over a decade, making this latest exchange more than just a battle of words; it’s a fight for legacy.


A Dispute of Status and Skill

The contention between Rashid Kay and Stogie T is not just a spat between two artists; it’s emblematic of the broader debates within hip hop culture regarding authenticity, contribution, and respect. Rashid’s track, ‘OG vs A Nigga That’s Old’, serves as a direct response to Stogie T’s belittlement of his status in the hip hop community. Through sharp lyrics and a compelling beat, Rashid aims to assert his significance and challenge the narrative that age has dimmed his relevance. Meanwhile, Stogie T, known for his transition from poetry to rap, finds his credentials under scrutiny, not for the first time, as Rashid questions the depth of his contributions to the genre.

Mixed Reactions and a Video Controversy


The release of the diss track has elicited a wide range of reactions from listeners and observers alike. While some critics question the quality and necessity of the track, others applaud Rashid for standing up and addressing the feud head-on. The discussion extends to the track’s music video, which features an overweight actor portraying Stogie T. Rashid has since clarified that the intention was not to body shame but to provide a parody that resonates with listeners. This nuanced approach to the video speaks to the complexities of hip hop battles, where the line between personal attacks and artistic expression is often blurred.

Looking Ahead: A Feud with a Future?

Despite the current tension, Rashid describes his relationship with Stogie T as ‘cool’, highlighting their history of differing opinions since 2012. This ongoing dialogue between the two artists suggests that while the diss track may have brought their differences to the forefront once again, it is unlikely to be the final word in their complex relationship. With Stogie T preparing to release his first EP since 2019, titled ‘Shallow’, in mid-March, the hip hop community waits with bated breath to see if this feud will spark further exchanges or if the artists will find common ground in their shared love for the genre. As South African hip hop continues to evolve, the dynamic between Rashid Kay and Stogie T serves as a reminder of the passion and personal histories that drive the music forward.

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