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Music is and always will be the best medicine. Science has long taught us that listening to our favorite melodies may lead to the release of the chemical dopamine in our brains. This chemical, known as the feel-good hormone, gives music the power to heal, inspire, or simply feel happy. Sadly, today our world and culture are currently drowning in negative vibrations. Music, entertainment, media, and politics are all thriving on feeding the masses poison. And these harmful frequencies that are being digested are usually strongly related to drugs, sex, and violence.

Fortunately, Oakland, California’s Ras Ceylon, has arrived to do his part in reversing these cultural curses with “Live Ya Life”, the fifth single/music video from his “To SRV The PPL” LP. The magical combination of the Eclectic Productions produced soundscape and Ras Ceylon’s infectious chorus immediately grabs hold of your attention, instantaneously uplifting your mood with the type of positive energy that has become scarce in entertainment, especially in the hip-hop world. The colorful visuals, directed by Ras Ceylon, incorporate breathtaking drone shots of Honolulu, Hawaii, where this entire music video was filmed. The Hawaiian backdrop serves as a natural environment for the 1st Sri Lankan rapper to express his views on this uplifting single. Ras Ceylon spoke about “Live Your Life”, declaring, “This is simply good food for The People. This is the medicine, not the chemicals that these companies are pushing but organic ingredients that heal and energize. These are the good vibrations to get us through The Struggle and hardships. Now more than ever we all need to be reminded to never give up and live your life to the fullest, one day at a time.

” “Live Ya Life” is featured on Ras Ceylon’s LP “To SRV The PPL” which is OUT NOW on all platforms via Chalice Row Records boasting notable guest appearances by reggae superstars Sizzla and Perfect Giddimani along with longtime Wu-Tang Clan swordsmen Prodigal Sunn (Sunz Of Man), La The Darkman, Timbo King, Kinetic 9 (Killarmy), and Solomon Childs.

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