Remy Ma Praises Papoose For Holding Her Down During Prison Stay In Resurfaced Clip

Earlier this week, some audio snippets of Eazy The Block Captain seemingly admitting to his alleged affair with Remy Ma started making their rounds online. In the snippets, shared by his fellow battle rapper John John Da Don, he allegedly claims that he was “f*cking with” Remy. He even seemed to consider joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop if it meant “getting a bag.”

As a result of the debacle, Remy Ma has been receiving a great deal of backlash, with countless fans riding for her husband Papoose. Some social media users have even dug up an old interview Remy did with VladTV, in which she praises Papoose for holding her down during her prison stint. According to Remy, when Papoose loves he loves all the way, putting “150%” into all his relationships.

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Remy Ma Speaks On Papoose


“He’s one of a kind, I can definitely say that,” Remy said of Papoose. “The love that we have for each other, even if we didn’t get married, like I see him being the type of person that would have just been there for me. Like, say if we weren’t together when I went [to prison], I’m sure I could have called him and he’d have been like, ‘What do you need?’ […] That’s just the type of person that he is.”

The resurfaced interview has certainly managed to get fans talking amid her cheating allegations. While some think it proves that Remy Ma wouldn’t cheat on Papoose, others argue that it only makes her alleged wrongdoings worse. What do you think of the resurfaced clip of Remy Ma praising Papoose for holding her down during her prison stay? What about the leaked audio floating around of Eazy The Block Captain allegedly admitting to having an affair with Remy? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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