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Gamblez Tha Lucky Bastard

Strap in for 20 odd minutes of high energy hip hop with Gamblez Tha Lucky Bastard on his latest project ‘Cannibal Soup, Vol. 2‘. From the jump, the album kicks in the speakers with a ferocity that is infectious. ‘I’m A Don‘ starts proceedings and is one heck of a track, before ‘90‘ featuring some sensational cuts courtesy of DJ TMB completly blows things off the hinges! This track got mad repeat from first listen, and delayed hearing the rest of the joints because it’s simply brilliant. Hardbody bars, bullish beats…. perfect. ILLTemper adds his unique vibe to the album via the joint ‘Reverse Card‘ which slaps and so far, the project is flawless.

Play For Keeps‘ dials the energy back a touch, which is clearly deliberate as the bars get a little deeper and more poised, with Marz One delivering carefully crafted bars that have serious impact to the eardrums and cranium. The hook is rugged and infectious and the production has a softer edge, using airy wind-infused layers over the heavy handed drums. Pryme Prolifik, Mister Misk and Versa Tilla bring the whole arsenal as they joing Gamblez for ‘Confrontation‘, a haunting, menacing track that has some real meat on the bone. It’s heavy handed in parts, the emcees work off of each other really well, and that raspy vocal layer just creates one heck of an audio atmosphere.

In a turn towards the more traditional boom bap sound, ‘Back Against The Wall‘ features Gamblez and Paully Gram$ spitting sharp bars over this real head nodder before the album finishes with the magical, triumphant and edgy ‘For The Honor‘ which allows Gamblez to shine on the mic over production that is really well crafted, layered with some synth and acts like a pallete cleanser for the grimy, passionate bars Gamblez The Lucky Bastard brings. There is only one issue with the album – it’s length. From start to finish ‘Cannibal Soup, Vol. 2’ is an enthralling listen. It’s creative, well put together and there are so many varied elements from emcee features to subject matter and the intricate but far from delicate production.

Luckily for hip hop heads all over the globe, that problem can be solved by simply pressing play again. And again. And again. Get this into your rotation and your ‘Best of 2024’ lists already – there simply isn’t one misstep on the project at all.

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