RFT’s Logo Is Downtown St. Louis’ Hottest New Piece of Graffiti


Downtown dwellers have been treated to the glorious sight of a stunning piece of art in recent weeks, thanks to a phenomenal bit of graffiti work adorning a crumbling parking garage in the heart of the city — and while we know what you’re thinking, we gotta claim innocence on this one.

No, the tag in question was not painted by a lawless RFT employee — our lawlessness tends to take other forms, on account of the dismal lack of can control plaguing our staff. We’re betting, instead, that we have someone who writes under the name “Wonka” to blame/thank for this one.

You see, back in November we included a photo of said parking garage, located at the corner of North Sixth and Pine streets, in our print edition and on our website. We wanted to make note of the many “Wonka” tags that adorned its side. We were particularly impressed that said tag was placed in nearly the exact same spot on each floor of the structure, though we were slightly disappointed there was no Great Glass Elevator awaiting us on the top floor.

We thought nothing of it for months afterward, until the morning of Monday, February 19, when we spotted a new tag joining the previous one — that of three familiar letters presented in vibrant red and white. Evidently somebody appreciated our reporting on the graffiti beat — Wonka, if we had to guess — and decided to memorialize our coverage, much in the same way restaurants around town do when we give them a rave review.

Now, once again, we know what you’re thinking: Doesn’t featuring this latest tag in the paper, which was clearly posted there for our benefit, reward and encourage vandalism? To that we would reply: Quiet down, you insufferable busybody. We’re appreciating Art here.

But seriously though, we are honored that somebody took the time. And if this latest development becomes a trend, we will simply have no choice but to devote much ink and many man-hours to covering it.

Stay tuned?

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