Saucy Santana Mocks DJ Akademiks For Deactivating IG Account Amid Rape Lawsuit Reports


It’s no secret that DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana don’t get along, and a new lawsuit brought against the former has only upped the ante. Yesterday, DJ Akademiks’ ex-girlfriend Ziya Abashe sued him, accusing him of rape, sexual assault, defamation, and more. Ak has since denied any wrongdoing, calling the lawsuit a “shakedown.”

Saucy Santana decided to chime in on the allegations during an Instagram Live rant last night, dubbing Ak a “freaky b*tch.” He also reminded the personality that when serious allegations were made against Santana’s close friend Yung Miami, Akademiks didn’t hold back. He instead taunted the City Girl online, even accusing her of snitching on Diddy. Of course, this rubbed Santana the wrong way, and Akademiks’ new lawsuit is an opportunity for him to fire back.

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Saucy Santana Calls DJ Akademiks “Nasty”

At the time of writing, DJ Akademiks’ Instagram profile appears to have been deactivated, leaving Saucy Santana confused. According to the “Material Girl” performer, Yung Miami never deactivated her account amid Ak’s relentless criticism. In a new clip, Saucy Santana questions why he decided to deactivate, urging him to get back online to face his current circumstances. “Where yo page?” Saucy Santana asks. “You was on here every day messing with Caresha, she ain’t deactivate. I’m looking for Akademiks’ page… ‘We’re sorry.’ Uh uh! Bring that a** here, boy. You should have deactivated when you was messing with that lady, got that lady drunk, on top of that lady and all of that. Ew, nasty.”

He went on, further clowning Akademiks for the disturbing allegations made against him in the new lawsuit. What do you think of Saucy Santana calling out DJ Akademiks for deactivating his Instagram account? What about Akademiks’ ex suing him? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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