Selena Gomez Announces Plans to Retire from Music


Selena Gomez‘s next album may very well likely be her last. This week, the pop artist announced her tentative plans to “retire” from music so that she could focus on acting.

Speaking to hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett on their SmartLess podcast, Gomez spoke about how she had always found it difficult to strike a balance between music and acting going all the way back to her time on Wizards of Waverly Place.

In addition to the busy schedule that comes with touring, she noted that the pressure to perform and do multiple things eventually took a toll on her mental health, stating “I went to a mental institute and canceled one of my tours” and continuing to explain that “it just got to me because I love working and it distracts me from bad things.” She also noted that acting has always been her primary passion and that music was originally a hobby that she ended up turning into a profession.


However, she noted that she isn’t retiring from music…..just yet. “I do feel like I have one more album in me, but I would probably choose acting,” she said. While she didn’t reveal any specifics about a potential upcoming album, it’s likely that like her past albums, it will feature other pop and hip-hop artists. On past albums, she has collabed with big names in the hip-hop industry such as Gucci Mane, ASAP Rocky, Kid Cudi, and Cardi B as well as major pop artists such as Coldplay, Blackpink, Katy Perry, and more.

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