Several floors of downtown LA high-rise covered in graffiti


Several floors of a high-rise building in downtown LA were vandalized with graffiti.

NewsChopper4 flew over the Oceanwide Plaza Tower on Wednesday night where several people were seen spray painting the walls from a balcony. The three buildings across from the arena are under construction.

Once billed as a downtown renaissance jewel, the plaza has been unfinished since 2019. It was supposed to serve as a five-star hotel with condominiums available for purchase.

“Between (Tuesday) and (Wednesday), there’s probably another like, 20 floors have been blasted. They are going at a pretty fast rate,” said Daron Burgundy, who lives near the plaza.

On social media, the Los Angeles Police Department said it’s been made aware of the vandalism.

“Today, Central Division personnel met with the property management and CD 14 representatives to collaborate on better securing the property and adding additional security measures,” the department said in its post. “The measures will be implemented immediately and the graffiti will be removed.”

In a statement to NBC Los Angeles, Mayor Karen Bass’ office said it is working to resolve this issue.

“The Mayor’s Office is aware and working to address this issue but the City can’t immediately clean the graffiti because of legal constraints relating to private property,” the statement read. “The Mayor’s Office is working closely with the city attorney and several city Departments to put forward a solution that resolves this.”

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