Soulja Boy Squashes Beef With Blueface, Wants to Put $1,000 on His Books in Jail


Soulja Boy is squashing his beef with Blueface and wants to put $1,000 on his books in jail.

Soulja Boy Ends Beef with Blueface, Offers $1,000 for His Books in Jail

After months of feuding, Soulja Boy recently announced that he’s squashing his beef with Blueface. This after Soulja initially threatened to pay inmates to harm Blue while he’s in jail.

“I’m going to squash this whole thing, man. I’m over this s**t,” said Big Draco on Instagram Live on Saturday (Jan. 20). The video can be viewed below.

Soulja went on to say that his beef with Blue went too far. The Atlanta rapper acknowledged that he should have just laughed off Blueface’s boastful claim that he could beat him in a Verzuz battle, which kicked off their feud.

Soulja admitted that their feud got out of hand when they started dragging the mothers of their children into their beef. But now he has a change of heart and wants to do good behind Blueface’s current legal predicament.

“Ain’t nothing good going to come from beefing with death or jail. I know what it feels like to be locked down in a jail cell,” the “Crank That” rhymer told his viewers on IG Live. “Ain’t nobody putting money on your books.”

Soulja then added: “I got a thousand dollars, whoever know Blueface people, Wack 100. Y’all hit me up. I wanna put $1000 on that n***a’s books. Free Blueface.”

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Soulja Boy Disses Blueface While He’s in Jail, Blue Responds

On Jan. 17, Soulja hopped on Instagram and clowned Blueface for being in jail during his Live rant.

“That n***a sitting jail broke as f**k,” Soulja said in the video below, while showing off several money stacks. “You wanna talk baby mommas, I’m finna go give this to your baby momma and put d**k in her mouth while you in jail. You know she gon’ need d**k in her mouth for Valentine’s Day. Now, you can’t even give it to her ’cause you out here trolling. Now, you done went broke.”

During his tirade, Soulja also threatened to pay inmates $2,000 to rape Blue while he’s in jail. The ATL rhymer now regrets making that kind of evil threat against Blueface and wants to make peace.

However, Blueface did respond to Soulja’s diss in a phone call that was posted on social media.

“I don’t know why Soulja Boy out there popping it,” Blue said over the phone below. “Any n***a happy a n***a in jail, he the type of n***a that tell. We already heard cuz was in here on [protective custody], yellow jumpsuit eating applesauce and Lunchables and s**t.”

Hopefully, the two men will be able to squash their feud in person when Blueface is released from jail.

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See Soulja Boy announce that he’s squashing his beef with Blueface below. Also, see the initial clip of Draco threatening to pay inmates to harm Blueface in jail below.

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