Soulja Boy Taunts Blueface With Jail Rape Threat

Soulja Boy has mocked Blueface over his recent incarceration and threatened to have him raped in prison.

The “Thotiana” rapper was jailed last week for violating his probation after he allegedly attacked a nightclub bouncer in 2021. He is unlikely to be released before July.


Soulja Boy, who Blueface has been feuding with after a row over who would win in a Verzuz battle turned into threats and fight challenges, has been relishing the news.

In a clip posted online that showed him playing with large amounts of cash, the “Crank That” star proceeded to taunt his rival over his legal troubles.

“Now n-gga sitting in jail broke as fuck. N-gga want to talk baby mamas? I’m gonna give to your baby mama right here and put dick in her mouth while you in jail. You know she going to need some dick in her mouth for Valentine’s Day,” he started off.

“Now you can’t even give it to her because you out here trolling. And you done went broke! How the fuck you go to jail and I get $1.5 million the same day?

Soulja Boy Wants Blueface To Be Freed From Jail — But For One Reason

Soulja Boy Wants Blueface To Be Freed From Jail — But For One Reason

“Somebody tell Bluebutt I’m gonna put some money on his books — sike! You gonna starve, n-gga. You gotta eat commissary. You gotta eat pork and beans and dingaling. We out here drinking lean and eating steak and shrimp. I got my dick sucked last night. Did you?”

Soulja Boy then threatened to pay somebody to sexually assault Blueface while he’s behind bars: “You better hope I don’t pay somebody two bands to rape yo ass while you in there. I’m finna send the booty bandits! Who needs some money on their books? You gonna that bootyhole touched, boy.”


Before he was sent to jail, Blueface had been taunting Soulja Boy for allegedly ducking a fight with him after they appeared to settle on a location to sort out their feud.

The “Thotiana” rapper also claimed that he had slept with Soulja’s baby mother, which resulted in him being hit with a defamation lawsuit from the woman in question.

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