Soulja Boy Wants Blueface To Be Freed From Jail — But For One Reason

Soulja Boy may have beef with Blueface but he never wants to see even his worst enemy end up behind bars in the prison system.

With Blueface back in jail on a probation violation, Big Draco subliminally trolled the “Thotiana” rapper during an Instagram Live on Sunday (January 14) about how he can enjoy his freedom as a millionaire.


“What would y’all rather be doing sitting in jail broke or free with millions of dollars,” he began while sparking up a blunt.

“Would y’all rather be rich with millions of dollars chilling doing whatever you want to do or would you rather be in jail broke owing $14million and getting sued? Come on, there’s levels to this. You don’t want no real smoke. They going out sad about Big Draco.”


However, Soulja doesn’t want to see Blueface in jail because he wants to square-up and brawl with the West Coast native.

“Hell no. Free that n-gga so we could beat his ass,” he proclaimed. “We don’t wish jail on nobody. I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy. That shit was so lame, bro. Let that n-gga out so we can pow, bow, pow.”

Watch the clip below:

Last week, Blueface (real name Johnathan Porter) turned himself in to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for a probation violation stemming from some drama with the mothers of his children. As a result, he faces up to the next year behind bars.

His mother, Karlissa Saffold then took to her own social media pages on Friday (January 12) to suggest that both Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock had a hand in her son’s situation.


“Jaidyn got him one charge, Rock got him the one that violated the other,” she wrote. “That’s why it’s so quiet. Praying everyone now understands why I didn’t want them together. Because parents want the best for their children.”

She continued: “I love them all but not together. Praying for everyone to listen to their parents [prayer hands emoji]. My baby is in jail and my heart is broken again. Because they don’t listen.”

Blueface Throws Shade At Offset, Soulja Boy & NLE Choppa On Jaidyn Alexis 'Barbie (Remix)

Blueface Throws Shade At Offset, Soulja Boy & NLE Choppa On Jaidyn Alexis ‘Barbie (Remix)

Soulja Boy and Blueface’s feud was taken to another level earlier this month when footage emerged of Blue stomping on a Big Draco plaque during a performance.

The “Crank Dat” rapper replied by demanding a shoot-out with Blueface. In an Instagram Live broadcast, Soulja threw down the gauntlet.

“All that internet shit, playing back and forth. Let’s die. Let’s meet up and die. Let’s die. ASAP. Let’s meet right now,” he said. “Whenever you see this Live, DM me the addy. Let’s shoot it up, let’s shoot it out.”


Big Draco also wrote on Twitter: “A n-gga ever tried you and you just wanted to shoot his ass like fuck all the fighting I’m finna pop this n-gga.”

In a since-deleted post, he also called Blueface a “dead man walking.” Blueface responded soon after and simply mocked Soulja Boy by writing: “Hi[s] stomach hurting.”

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