Souljourning for Truth Project 2022: Born Day

Souljourning for Truth Project 2022, is part of the digital diary to catalogue the trek by Professor Wanda Sabir, who is walking the ancestral path of Sojourner Truth, from Birth, through Slavery, to Freedom, May 20 – June 30.

In these times of crises, in these times of unrest, poet, essayist, journalist, and Art Editor at the San Francisco Bay View, Wanda Sabir, travels a Wombful Hajj, an ancestral journey of gratitude to the wombs that bore the wombs for healing now, and our generations to come.

I performed the Freedom Walk on Truth’s chosen birthday: June 1.

Yesterday, I was in New Paltz at Historic Huguenot.  There I saw am exhibit about a master builder who was born free. I also visited a church and a home of early settlers who owned slaves. In one of the houses we were able to climb into the attic where enslaved people slept on pallets. I also handled a slave collar for a woman. The name on the collar (if I read it correctly) was the same as the owners of Sojourner Truth’s family. 

There was also a beautiful necklace made from blue and white glass beads (Orisha Yemanja) with cowrie shells and a small Dutch bell. It could have been an amulet for protection. 

It was a nice balancing of the energy.

Pinkster Celebrations

I have to run now. This weekend I am attending Pinkster celebrations. It is a celebration enslaved Afro-Dutch enjoyed. Sojourner Truth talks about it in her Narrative.

Queen Truth with playwright Raw Truth

Northampton, Massachusetts

I will be traveling by train to Northampton from here on day trips. 

I could not afford to drive. I am on public transportation. 

I want to splurge on a rental car for the day in Northampton, we shall see.

Juneteenth will be special. There are special tours of historic homes of Black people in New Paltz.  I also want to get to Sojourner Truth State Park in Kingston.

I need a tour guide for Northampton.  

I am staying with good friends and allies in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Go Fund Me

GoFundMe is collecting donations for this trek that is described as:

“We walk to repair the social, economic, political and racial rifts that remain unmended between inhabitants of this United States of America. Sojourner Truth knit together freedom seeking and freedom loving people. They covered her shoulders and helped her in her work until she returned to the heavens a shooting star. We walk to honor her and to bring attention to incomplete work or work which has since unraveled.. “

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