Star Brim Cites Cardi B & Begs For Judge’s Mercy Ahead Of Sentencing For Actions As Godmother Of Gang


Star Brim mentioned her ties to Cardi B as the godmother of the 5-9 Brims gang sought a lenient sentence in a racketeering case. According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Star Brim asked a New York judge for no prison time on Wednesday (February 14).

“Although Star clearly has a long history of arrests, she is somewhat unique in that she has always worked at low-paying jobs and has always supported herself independent of gang activities,” her lawyer told the judge. “She has never succumbed to the expected trappings of gang life, she never used or sold drugs or consumed alcohol. Despite having virtually no formal education, she obtained a GED in 2012 and has worked at a series of low-paying jobs since 2007.”

Star Brim, who is known as Yonette Respass and Yonette Davis, hoped to avoid prison to continue taking care of her child. Her attorney detailed the child’s positive impact on Star Brim’s life.

“Since the birth of her child in early March 2020, Star has completely changed her life around,” her lawyer wrote. “ She has matured and grown into a wonderful, caring mother who is essentially the sole provider for her child. She is devoted and hard-working and like any parent, wants the best for her child. She recognizes the very real likelihood of separation from JS – something that would be devastating if the Court imposes a jail sentence. Her child will necessarily have to live with his father, which would be a huge adjustment and undoubtedly traumatic.”

The attorney continued, “Star works hard at a number of different endeavors, to provide her child with the life she wants for him. Despite the obstacles that people with criminal convictions face as they try to enter the workforce, Star has worked continually since her release from prison in 2019 … She is currently employed as a residential aide at a men’s shelter in Brooklyn.”

Star Brim accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to racketeering conspiracy and conspiracy to commit maiming and assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering. Cardi B’s friend is scheduled to be sentenced on February 21. Star Brim’s attorney cited her friendship with Cardi B in the letter to the judge.

“Her Instagram presence grew tremendously because of her friendship with Belcalis Almanzar, better known as Cardi B,” Star Brim’s lawyer wrote. “Throughout the years, Star has developed skin care products, advertised other products and became an ‘influencer’ – which has allowed her to earn additional income.”

Star Brim’s lawyer claimed her client was a “productive, contributing member of society” and argued that incarceration would serve little purpose. The attorney believed probation was more appropriate as it would “satisfy the ends of justice.” Star Brim will learn if the judge agrees in less than a week.

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