Star The DJ to star at Ultra Fest on the back of a huge win for him

Star The DJ won a talent search that will see him perform at Ultra Music Festival.

Star The DJ won a talent search that will see him perform at Ultra Music Festival.

A few months ago, we shared the news that Ultra Music Festival and Smirnoff had launched a DJ search.

The winner of this contest would be afforded the chance to perform at the festival which is happening in Nasrec this weekend.

The winner has been found and announced with an experienced hand from PE taking the top honours.

Emile Lottering is from George in the Western Cape but when he’s behind the decks he’s known as Star The DJ. His star would appear to be on the rise, but this has been a protracted process.

“I’ve been DJing for 10 years now, professionally. I started in 2014 and my first mix was on 5FM. So, from there I just went on playing on 5FM, sending them mixes.”

Star The DJ

Star has been in the mix for 10 years and things seem to be paying off now more than ever.

He has put in the hours and now his efforts are being rewarded with this golden opportunity.

Things did not come easily, however.

“2015 wasn’t a good year for me. I didn’t get any radio play. But in 2016, I got radio play on 5FM with DJ Mixi and from then it just went on I got to play on DJ Lloyd’s show, also 5FM, Das Kapital on 5FM and I got a residency on DJ Lloyd’s show. From there on, I just went on and then sent mixes to Roger Good and now I’m the resident on the Roger Goode show.”

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You can hear him on 5FM every Friday night between 6pm and 10pm and on Mondays between 6pm and 7pm spinning on the show of one of the judges of this talent search, Roger Goode.

In his esteemed opinion playing a good set is easily done when all the songs are in the same key.

“When all your songs are in key, perfectly in key, and your acapella are also in key. Song choice is important. You have to pick the right songs to make the music flow. That’s the key element of it,” he explains.

He intends to flex his skill set in his performance by including a sonic surprise or two towards the end of his set.

“I have a good set for me. For my outro set, I have a few surprises. A few mashups I made. Unique blends of music. Pop on amapiano beats, R&B songs on amapiano and I will twist it to a little bit of Afro, Afro-tech. But also, some hip-hop acapella in it. So yeah, that’s the last surprise.”

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Star thinks he was able to win this competition because he had a unique and captivating set.

“I had different elements in the music and the way I presented myself with the music . . . I didn’t do normal music sets like playing two songs into one another. I made some mashups and that’s what got me in. I think that’s really what got me in.”

His favourite genres to play are amapiano, Afro-tech, Afro House and the newly created three-step.

“Three-step is getting bigger and bigger now. I’m a big fan of the sound.”

He admires a string of highly celebrated artists that he looks to emulate and gains inspiration from.

“I would say guys like Skrillex. He’s playing at Ultra this year; I would love to meet him. I also like Black Coffee, Sun-El Musician. They really are an inspiration to me. The way they make their music is just fun. They bring something else to the table.”

Looking to walk in their footsteps, Star plans to release some of his music sometime this year.

“I’ve been working for years on my music, but I never had the time to release it. This year is the year to put something out there for the people so that they can hear my stuff. I’m thinking of releasing a single this year and if the single gets good reviews, I’m going to send out an EP with more songs on it.”

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