Stephanie’s View: Hip Hop Walk for Change

By Stephanie Woods

Hip Hop Icon, ‘The Teacher’ Lawrence ‘Kris’ Parker aka ‘KRS-One‘, recently held a press conference at the birthplace of Hip Hop ‘1520 Sedgwick Avenue’ in the Bronx, NY.

The Bronx the home of The Father of Hip Hop, Clive Campbell aka ‘DJ Kool Herc‘ to announce a historic day in Hip Hop as he implements a new strategy highly recommended to save the culture of hip hop. August 11, 2024, will be the day of several events taken place to help ‘stop the violence’ in hip hop. The theme for this new movement to save hip hop is titled, “The Violence” Conflict Resolution and according to KRS-One, the walk will be one of many future events as we continue to celebrate the culture and teach the youth of conflict resolution-the process of resolving differences positively, peacefully and ending the massive killing in ‘black and brown’ communities. 

“A walk for positive change is currently in the plans.”

As Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary officially comes to a close, the 51st. The anniversary will be celebrated with a bang!! A walk for positive change is currently in the plans. The walk is expected to begin in Central Park and will end at Crotona Park in the Bronx. The walk will include a ‘Pre-Celebration’ on August 10, 2024, at Roberto Clemente -River Park Houses in the Bronx and will be concluded on August 11, 2024, with the walk. August 11, 1973, is the official date of Hip Hop’s birthplace and hip hop’s home originated at 1520 Sedwick Avenue thanks to DJ Kool Herc who played music at his home and organized a celebration for his sister Cindy on that day. 

The Press conference included several inspiring pioneers such as Coke La Rock (1st. original rapper); Tony Crush- founding member of the iconic hip hop group ‘The Cold Crush Brothers;’ Master Gee- (music executive and original member from the pioneering hip hop group ‘Sugar Hill Gang); Jerry Leader original resident of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue and hip-hop historian; Hot 97 Radio Station Dee Jay and Bronx native-DJ Funkmaster Flex; 1st. Lady Simone Parker-(spouse KRS-One); The Grand Wizard Theodore (the first DJ to scratch on wax).

The press conference was organized by legendary Right On Magazine publicist, entertainment media giant, and Harlem-based NYABJ member Cynthia Horner, and closed with guest speaker Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson who vowed to support the much-needed walk.

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 According to KRS-One, the walk is being organized to not only celebrate hip-hop but to put an end to the recent rumors trolling the internet and the universe insinuating that there is a ‘generation gap’ between the originators of the culture and the new hip-hop artists.  The rumors say the pioneers are out of touch and do not understand the new generation of artists. According to KRS-One and many of his supporters, the new generation cannot carry the torch if they don’t know where it came from. Kris stated “I am determined to educate the world, since hip hop is a ‘Global Phenomenon’-Let’s stop the killing and take it back to the old days.  In the beginning, if there was ‘beef’ they took it to wax, and the gangs took it to the dance floor- break dancing was the nonviolent alternative to fighting or killing.  Back then the winner ‘reigned supreme’-Let’s educate the young and stop killing each other hop was made from good times”

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The press conference included many legends of the culture. Tony Crush discussed how working at a music store in the Bronx influenced him and made it clear that the music being sold was not the inspiring factor, it was DJ Kool Herc spinning records at the store that inspired him. Herc played music Tony had never heard before. Master Gee wowed the room with his story of meeting KRS One and being even more inspired by the culture by his knowledge, friendship and recalled a time when he heard rapper, producer, actor songwriter and entrepreneur Kendrick Lamar speak at a black college and he told the crowd “he would always represent Compton,” because Compton needs to be given a better voice”.  Master Gee decided at the moment to help give hip-hop a better voice. 

“… educate the youth while stopping the violence in the culture.”

 According to KRS-One, hip hop should be enjoyed by all, as a universal genre hip hop culture requires some intervention, and he is determined to continue conversations to save the culture and he plans on working harder to save the state of Hip Hop and to continue to educate the youth while stopping the violence in the culture.  At the end of the walk in Crotona Park, a massive hip-hop celebration and concert will be held, and KRS-One plans on Rockin The MIC!

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Photo credit: 1) KRS-One; Coke La Rock; DJ Funkmaster Flex; DJ Tony Crush; Simone Parker; Master Gee. 2) KRS-One; Coke La Rock .

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